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Entry #2

@ cHicK WiTh @ DicK!

2008-05-28 18:03:31 by DaGoonies

Thi$ Raci$T cHi cHi M0N B@T3 B0i P0t$ TH@T FuNNy $hiT 0n Th3 iNT3rN3T L0L! F0rG3T Th3$3 diGiT@L NiGG@$ wH0 RiPP3D Y0uR Pu$$y! Y0U F00d iN Th3 BX FrUiT B0i! W3 G0NN@ B@nG Y0U iN Th3 M0uTH 1!

BX @LL D@y!

@ cHicK WiTh @ DicK!


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2008-05-31 20:54:47

He is simply a real big computer gangster. oooh scary he look so tough doesnt he? Pitiful little boy has the look of a so sad and lonely attention seeking failure in life. Jay tell BronxTail I miss him thats the real craziest mother fucker from the bronx. Bout time you got that rican ass on newgrounds.


2008-05-31 21:00:46

If you catch that skinny little mouse voice bitch hold em there for me till we get there. I heard a rumor that this mouse voice bitch is coming to the BX for a walk in the park with the Mommy parent. Call my call my other phone bleep i keep the other one off cause the hoes be blowin it up lmfao!

Oh yeah X kal aplaudes you on that lawsuit you won in court. Fuck the cops we need to keep sueing them!!


2008-06-07 15:25:27


By3? L@MF@0!!!