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Wutz Popp3n NG!!

2008-05-21 05:24:27 by DaGoonies

Sh0ut 0utz t0 a R3@LL NiGG@ MurD@RiN Th3Ze R3@L S0fT F@GG0Tz P0PP3N Th@ CyBeR N0Ns3nZ!!!
W3 St@iGht uP L@uGhiN @T Ch@LL LiK@ BiG B Lej y0u F@GG0Tz! iTz r3PPiN TiM3!!!

Wutz Popp3n NG!!


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2008-05-22 01:40:55

DaGoonies huh
Lejin droped a lil info on ya guys, its seems that yall coo, if yall need anything just holla at me. umma do whats in ma powers.
and drop som tracks. would like to hear how yall spit.
so yeh, holla at me when u wanna and ill help ya out.


2008-05-27 00:34:47

I aint dumb.. i know for a fact that n***a in the brown hood is lejin.. thats the same n***a dat ain't taller than his own car.. and he about 5'4.. a short ass lil fucker. i knew wut chu look like from day 1 (i just didnt want to put u out there like dat)... you done fucked up now.. keep runnin yea mouth.. u betta watch your back wen u roam the bronx.

DaGoonies responds:

Y3@h L3tz G0 c0MpuT@ B@nG@!

L3jiN G@Ve U$ Y0Ur PicTuR3 Dj STR3SS3D!

Y0U pU$$y B@ Te Bo@!


2008-05-28 08:47:34

Yo J this is what he looks like:

http://newsimg.ngfiles.com/49000/4954 2_SesOverOwned.jpg

DaGoonies responds:

Thi$ HiM? ST0P PL@YiNG! CHi CHi M0N F000000000000000000000000000D Wh3N Com'round H3r3!